Introduction to Historical Network Research

Tuesday 15 September


Martin Stark, University of Hamburg

This introductory workshop will give an overview of the emerging field of Historical Network Research. After defining the term of Historical Network Research, the main concepts and the basic techniques of Social Network Analysis will be explained and discussed. Hands-on examples will be provided to demonstrate the use of these analytical methods in historical research projects. The workshop also discusses how to structure and store your historical relational data for Social Network Analysis and will give an overview of possible software solutions. Severall small exercises will be included, to give the participants the opportunity to get involved in the workshop and to reinforce the learning experience.

Pre-­workshop preparation

Please read the chapters on “Historical Network Research – Taking Stock” (Matthias Bixler) and “The History of ‘Relational Science’ and Social Network Analysis” (Markus Gamper) in: Andreas Gestrich a. Martin Stark (eds.), Debtors, Creditors, and their Networks. Social Dimensions of Monetary Dependence from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century, London 2015:

PDF: GHIL Bulletin Supplement 3 (2015)

– [Optional: 

“From Hermeneutics to Data to Networks: Data Extraction and Network Visualization of Historical Sources”(Marten Düring):]

– [Optional: Should I do Social Network Analysis? A flow chart:]

– [Optional: Anatomy of a social network:]